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overpass near dallas. we'll get those pictures to you and the latest updates on the situation. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. it is thursday, march 24th 2011. as you can see, kind of gray outside. a little drizzly as well. tucker will tell us about that in a moment. good morning, i'm tony perkins in for steve this morning. >> and i'm allison seymour. and we want to get right to tucker well news of how the rest of the day will shape up. we saw the picture, not too pretty. >> not pretty at all. we have fog across the area and cool temperatures. bring along a jacket. our highs today will struggle into the mid to upper 40s and still dealing with leftover rain. your hd radar showing activity breaking out as close as southwest washington, across southern side of the beltway. so all of this will be pushing east and then we still have
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pretty good rains to the south and west toward fredericksberg, east of culpeper. and this will be pushing into southern maryland in the next hour or so. so a few more showers and maybe steady rain to the south and then we'll see gradual clearing later on today. let's push on and we'll show you the satellite radar. you'll notice out to the west, a lot of cloud cover into ohio and indiana. but we're seeing breaks in kentucky and some of that will get into here later today. so we'll go partly sunny afternoon but with winds out of the north at 10-15 miles per hour it will feel down right cool with temperatures struggling into the upper 40s. currently 41 degrees at reagan national. 47 in fredericksberg. hagerstown, good morning, you are 36 degrees. hard to believe it's the end of march. and our highs today only in the upper 40s. 48 today. your winds north 10-15. we'll talk cherry blossom weather and the possibility of winter weather this weekend. let's do some on-time traffic
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with better news, hopefully. i'm trying. traveling inbound along route 50 authorities are checking for the crash there at that location. heads up, inbound new york avenue slow at bladensberg and the entrance to the third street tunnel. this is the outer loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue working from 95 college park toward coalsville where all lanes are open. heavy volume from white oak to four corners. slow at 109 and slow past mva and 370 to the split. 395 congested from duke street. and boundary channel from the 14th street bridge. stalled car on route 50 in virginia has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we begin this hour with breaking news. there has been deadly violence this morning in prince george's county. two men were shot on victory lane in suit land around 4:20 this morning. one of the men died. we don't know the condition of the other at this time. meanwhile around the same time
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a woman was shot at pennsylvania and southern avenues. her condition is also unclear. investigators are looking to see whether these shootings are related. two mysterious murders day apart in olney, maryland. this morning police have a suspected killer in custody. >> he is rohan goodlett, facing two first-degree murder charges. police say forensic evidence led them to the 35-year-old. and he lives next door to where the first shooting took place on friday and drives a car matching the description of the one spotted fleeing the second shooting. he has a history of mental illness and they want to know how he got his hands on a weapon. >> obviously it's an issue that we've got to deal with. there are a lot of issues in terms of folks making straw purchases and giving guns to folks that shouldn't otherwise have them. >> he was granted conditional
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release after a burglary and harassment case several years ago. that conditional release was still in place at the time of the olney murders. now to our other big story. the person in charge of clearing planes for landing at reagan national airport asleep on the job. >> the alarming news is prompting action from transportation secretary ray la hood and our sherry ly is live on the story from reagan national airport. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. you can bet this probably won't happen again here at reagan national airport. transportation secretary ray la hood has ordered that two controllers be in the tower during that midnight shift at all times here. now the two planes were essentially -- if you think about it -- flying blind. the person in the tower was apparently asleep. this all happened around midnight early wednesday morning. two planes, american airlines flight 2012 from miami and united airlines from chicago had 165 passengers and crew
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aboard and minutes for landing on approach from the airport but when they radioed the tower, no one responded. the lone controller in the tower was m.i.a. the problem was the faa supervisor who was supposed to be on duty fell asleep. you can hear the audio transmission from the pilot after trying to reach someone in the tower and forced to land without clearance. >> american 1900, so you're aware, the power is apparently not manned. we've made a few phone calls and nobody is landing. two airplanes went in the last 10-15 and you can expect to go in as an uncontrolled airport. >> reporter: it is not unusual to have one person on duty in the tower. this is a slow period. air traffic is light during this midnight shift. and according to the washington post, the planes that landed without the tower help around midnight were two of the last
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three inbound commercial flights until 5:00 a.m. this morning. now the two planes did land safely with the help of a regional air traffic control facility out of warrenton, virginia. now while those controllers can monitor the radar and make sure that there are no other planes around when they landed, what those -- what air traffic controllers did not know is what isond ground. so if there was anything on the runway, this could have been a very different situation. a passenger aboard the miami inbound flight did tell fox 5 the pilot informed the passengers on board what was going on. he told them that he could not land at the time because he could not reach someone in the tower and that he would have to find some other means. that's the latest here at reagan national. back to you. >> sherry, thank you very much. now much more ahead on these tense moments at reagan national. coming up later this morning, we'll try to get a better idea of what the pilots were facing without help from the control
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tower. we'll talk with captain mark weis, a retired airline pilot. right now on you can listen to more on the audio from the pilots. it's fascinating as they realize they were on their own. still no word on what sparked a fire at miami international airport. investigators called it potentially disastrous. flames broke out late last night in an area where fuel is stored but not near any runways or terminals. it took 50 units about two hours to get it under control though. no one was hurt. one flight had to be delayed for about 45 minutes. and to breaking news now out of texas. take a look at this frightening scene. what you are looking at are pictures from fort worth where the cab of an 18-wheeler is dangling over the side of an interstate ramp after a accident that involved one more car. the driver was able to be rescued. you can see a ladder of the
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fire truck over the top of the tractor-trailer and that was used to get the driver to safety. in the latest now on the disaster in japan. restrictions on tap waltner tokyo were lifted this morning. but panic buying of bottled water left store shelves bare. and they are rationing milk and other products. and at the plant three workers were exposed to radiation and two had to be hospitalized. and also the death toll from the quake and tsunami continues to rise with 9400 bodies counted so far. there is a lot of movement in the middle east this morning. first in yemen where the president has taken emergency powers to help him put down protests going on for two months now. the new powers let president solay suspend the constitution and ban large gathering.
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it presents a dilemma there as they are helping in the fight against al-qaeda. to libya where more air strikes pounded targets in tripoli. the air strikes will last days and not months said france. and this morning president obama is meeting with his security team. >> their discussing handing off control of the no-fly zone and one libian official is reaching out to the u.s. >> reporter: fox news has learned there has been some outreach by one libian official. but there is no end in sight yet for the white house. u.s. war planes may be patrolling the skies overhead, but libian officials were happy to show off this rally in tripoli, backing moammar gaddafi who may be feeting heat from his own advisors. >> whether there are divisions within his family, there are a variety of possibilities. >> reporter: and one high level
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administration has reached out to secretary of state jeffrey feldman. no apparent break-throughs, at least not yet. >> if there are discussions underway between libian officials close to gadhafi and members of our government about the possibility of his leaving that, will make this mission look like a success for a few hours. >> reporter: and that's where the real problems could begin. who would replace gadhafi? would the u.s. need to put troops on the ground. a great deal of uncertainty for the president who just returned from his latin american tour. and more republicans want the administration to lay out specific plans. >> when you start a war, you need to have one overall commander and you need to define the war aims of the united states clearly before the american people in an address from the oval office. >> reporter: there are no public plans for that yet, but the pressure may build as the u.s. finds itself shouldering so much of the burden in libya.
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and compounding the problem, the member nations of the arab league that called for the no- fly zone in the first place have offered little, if any, assistance. doug luzader, fox news. 10 minutes after 7:00, this week marks the one year anniversary of the president obama sweeping health care reform. >> but it faces opposition on capitol hill and from states questioning its legality. we'll look at health care reform one year later, coming up. plus fox 5 continues to monitor metro but we're not alone. coming up we go one-on-one with a blogger who has become the voice for frustrated metro riders. and as we take you to break at 7:11, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. stay with us.
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yes. >> come on up here. >> yes, sir. >> she was the queen of hollywood and regarded as one of the best in the business. screen legend elizabeth taylor has died. her career spanned over seven decades and she was perhaps just as famous for her beauty, her activism and many husbands, all three of them. taylor had a been at cedar sinai hospital in los angeles for a month being treated for congestive heart failure. she was 79 years old. and she has a direct connection to the district. the whitman walker clip -- clinic is named in her honor. we'll look at her aids activism and right now on you can look through a photo album featuring iconic pictures
7:16 am
of elizabeth taylor. >> if they make it public, and we don't know if they will, that will be some memorial service in hollywood, assuming it's in hollywood or los angeles. >> definitely. she's a legend. tucker barnes is here to tell us what is going on outside and give us a preview of the weekend. >> a little preview. you got it. that could be interesting. >> stick to a little preview of the weekend. >> we'll do the best we can, allison. it's the wrong time of year for this kind of discussion. let's talk about current conditions and we still have a light shower or sprinkle in the immediate washington area but not too far off to the south. fredericksberg getting good soaking rain across 95. and now off to the north and west, watchinga any band of rain develop north and west of frederick, up toward hagerstown, winchester. and all of that headed in our direction. so bottom line is we're not done with the morning rain by by this afternoon we should see some breaks in the cloud cover and it will just be cool out there with a little late-day sunshine. so that will be good news.
7:17 am
thank you, allison, for playing along. temperature right now 40 degrees. temperatures are out of control. 39 now at reagan national. 40 in annapolis. 37 in frederick. 36 in hagerstown. let me mention that it is possible that a few of the showers could actually mix with a little snow off to the north and west this morning as temperatures are getting close to the freezing mark in places like hagerstown. as we open up a little here, very cold temperatures off to the north and west. pittsburgh is 30. boston is 31. and then cape hatteras is 60 degrees. so we're still in between systems here. but we'll cool down. 48 this afternoon. 47 tomorrow. and overnight tonight very cold 30 degrees. and then we set ourselves up for this weekend event. saturday night and sunday morning, it looks like we'll have a period of wintry weather around here and how strong will that be? we're not sure. but it's possible we could have some accumulating snow not too far from the city overnight saturday and into sunday. >> that seems hard to believe
7:18 am
at this late date. >> especially when we are talking cherry blossoms. >> for those keeping track, he mentioned snow twice today to the north and west possible and then saturday into sunday. >> maybe tuesday night and wednesday too. >> all right. tell them like it is. >> don't get mad at me about it. >> except for maybe this woman, julie wright with a look at traffic. >> she's always mad at me. >> allison, you are sitting there, you have a foot that hits the teleprompter, can you cut off his mic. tuesday and wednesday too? >> i have his weather clicker, i'll just fast forward. >> thank you. i'll be happy. on the roads you'll find lanes open traveling the outer loop of the beltway. it is below speed, 95 to georgia avenue, pretty typical at this hour. southbound 270 below speed at father hurley leaving germantown past mva. slow from rockville toward the split. no problems to report coming across the american legion bridge. 66, traffic merging from 50 fair oaks toward 123, all lanes are open.
7:19 am
66 is still tied up in centerville. accident at 28 cleared. no problems on the dulles toll road. 50 at the loudoun county parkway, authorities checking for a crash. inbound suitland parkway, a crash involving a tour bus in the safety zone, as tucker was doing the weather, it pulled away. so lanes are open, in bound south capital street headed for the douglas bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. fox 5 is continuing to monitor metro. and one of its ongoing problems. the transit agency is reported 91 of the 588 escalators are undergoing repairs, that's just over 16%. 12 of 237 elevators are out of service which comes to 5%. you can check metro's progress on its website. fox 5, as we said, is monitoring metro. but we are not the only ones. a local blog called unsuck dc
7:20 am
metro has unbroken stories about the transit agency. everything from video of metro drivers appearing to sleep and text and now the man behind the blog is making his tv debut with fox 5. he does not want us to show his face or use his name but we'll let him tell you why. will thomas reports. >> no insult intended but the mainstream media can only cover metro to a certain extent. >> step back. doors closing. >> there is only a certain number of eyes on metro. with unsuck, there are thousands of eyes watching metro every day. >> reporter: it's full name is unsockdcmetro.blogspot .com. but the man who started it doesn't want his name known. >> why don't you want your name shown. >> when i started the blog one of the first themes that got sticky was metro drivers, bus
7:21 am
drivers and train operators sleeping and texting. i got several vaguely threatening e-mails. >> are you afraid someone will try to hurt you if they know who you are. >> not really, but i don't see the point. this is not a personality driven blog, it's a community. >> reporter: after more than a decade in a print journalism, this is a public employee who started the blog. >> what made you start the blog? >> i started taking metro regularly and i was just appalled at how often the trains broke down, how often we were off-loaded, how rick eting the equipment seemed to be how rude so many metro employees were. >> what is the primary concern from your readers? >> i think everybody is rallies around the idea metro is not accountable. >> that is a broad statement. is there one area you find
7:22 am
concerns or complains? >> accountability, openness, and lack of communication. i don't think that people necessarily want a five-star hotel treatment from the metro employee, but i think they want basic competence, yes i'll fix your card, yes this is what is going on and this is why the trains are delayed. >> reporter: and then during our interview. >> what do you think about that? >> reporter: a metro specs person returned our call. lisa fargstein allowed us to record a few of her comments about bloggers. >> a majority of the bloggers are extremely passionate about metro and that's a good thing. they make suggestions, they've got some good ideas. >> reporter: the man behind unsuck metro admits to improvements but he will continue to push mit -- metro even harder. >> equally i'll write something
7:23 am
but it is the community that should be proud. >> metro said it monitored about a dozen blogs an in some cases they alert metro to potential problems. to see more to the interview and a link to the blog go to and click on local. you can help us monitor metro. if you spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks or problems with metro bus, e-mail us your story, pictures or video at and as we continue this process, tomorrow we'll get answers straight from the top. metro general manager richard sarles will join us live in the 6:00 hour. it is 7:23 right now, 39 degrees on a thursday morning. and the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is in town and they're in town and celebrating a major milestone with you. holly is at ofver -- is at the
7:24 am
verizon center this morning with more of barnum 200, coming up.
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the so-called gay cure app gets the boot from itunes after taking a lot of heat and criticism. >> a florida company called exodus international encourages gay peek to seek -- gay people to seek cures. an apple spokesperson said the app was removed because it violated developer guidelines by being offensive to large groups of people. it's been one of the most controvertial moves made during the obama administration and this week we mark the one-year anniversary of health care reform. there is still major opposition to the law requiring all u.s. citizens get health insurance. we'll take a closer look at where health care reform stands now. that is coming up. and at 7:27, we head to the break with a live look outside.
7:28 am
we'll get the latest weather and traffic from julie and tucker coming up next.
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well the cherry blossoms represent a special bond between the united states and japan. and with just about a week to go until the fashional cherry blossom festival, there is a special relief effort to help the people of japan. it's taking place tonight in our area. you are invited to stand with japan. it is an event sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival. people will gather at 6:30 at the sylvan theater near the washington monument and take part in a walk around the tidal basin. all donations given tonight will go to the red cross japan fund. >> good idea. that's great. >> real good idea. here is a live shot of fog out there, some mist, some folks probably seeing some rain. tucker barnes is here to keep us informed about all of that. >> you got it, tony. and some cool weather. temperatures in the 30s for much of the area. >> it is cold. >> it is cold. and highs later today only in the upper 40s. so in for a cool one this afternoon. even with a little late-day sunshine it will look better than yesterday but we have to
7:32 am
get through a few more hours of fog and rain. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh. >> better than snow and ice. >> i've got that for you too on the five-day. allison is not happy with me this morning. down into fredericksberg, good rains the last hour or two. even the possibility of a few rumbles of thunder there. and now off to the north and west, we have another pretty good little band of rain toward front royal, winchester, frederick, getting showers. ation too. and all of -- hagerstown too. and bring along an umbrella and be ready for a few showers and then we'll quiet down. and let's look at the satellite radar and i'll show you what is going on out to the west. some pretty good thunderstorms last night that rolled onis the last little bit of the system. and the cooler air starting to sink in. so we're not going to get a chance to warm up a whole lot but we should see -- starting to get clearing in eastern
7:33 am
kentucky, we should see -- some sunshine later today. and with high temperatures in the upper 40s it will be 10 degrees where it should be this time of year so cool afternoon expected. 39 in the city. 37 in gaithersburg. not much improvement to the south. southern maryland and leonardtown, 41 degrees. good morning. 48 in fredericksberg and 44 in quantico. chilly start and high temperatures today only topping out in the upper 40s and things go downhill into the weekend. i'll show that you in a second. 48 this afternoon. gradual clearing, winds out of the north at 10-15. and cold tonight. overnight low below freezing, 30 in the city, 20s off to the north and west. check out the five-day forecast. overnight saturday and into early sunday it's looking more and more likely that we'll get a period of winter weather around here. notice that overnight low, early on sunday, below freezing. so we could see some
7:34 am
accumulating snow by early sunday morning. it's a possibility. and then temperatures will gradually warm up next week. but not great cherry blossom weather for the weekend. let's see if julie has better news. she's not happy with me either. >> so it's a possibility. so is it the possibility like i would win the lottery type of possibility? >> i would say it would be a higher possibility than you winning the lottery. >> man! >> a much higher possibility. maybe even a probability. >> get off my screen. all right, on the roads we'll find lanes open out on 66. slow traffic coming inbound from fair oaks to 123. again nutley street to the beltway. 50 at 606 checking for a crash. westbound 7 has an incident on the right side of the highway. beltway slowing at braddock toward 66 with all lanes open. this is a live shot of the outer loop coming from van dorn street toward eisenhower avenue in the direction of the wilson bridge. all of your lanes here are open. northbound 210 north of
7:35 am
farmington for the accident reported. also in maryland, southbound 29 here at lockwood drive trying to head south of trader joe's. heavy slow and steady at the beltway, and slow from 95 to georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it has been one year since health care reform was signed into law. opponents are still fighting it in congress and in the courts. more than two dozen cases are now in the courts challenging the constitutionality of the law. in congress republicans who control the house want to deny president obama the money he needs to put the law into effect. but they are expected to fail because democrats who control the senate are expected to block them. joining us now to help us dissect this is emily edge ridge, staff writer for cq roll call. and we rent right to you to get this -- we wept right to you to
7:36 am
get this straight. >> good morning. >> is the nation accepting it or rejecting it so far? >> it's been very interesting, since the law has been in effect, a lot of the poll numbers on how people feel about the law, haven't budged much. people are still divided on whether they see it as a good thing or bad thing. that's despite the fact that a lot of the consumer benefits have already rolled out, things like having insurance companies not being able to deny children coverage because of a pre- existing condition, free wellness visit for medicare beneficiaries, things like that haven't moved the poll numbers one way or another. >> and it's almost like if this is happening and if you were covered, maybe it hasn't changed a lot so far. it seems to still be flying under the radar for those that were short. >> that's exactly right. most people get coverage through employers and medicare and we haven't seen changes for those populations. >> and we'll do this for you on the screen, what is in place
7:37 am
now. we started with that. so we talked about you can't deny the pre-existing conditions. is that already in place? >> that is in place for children. it will become in place for everybody in 2014. >> which is a big year. but before we get to that year. could you talk about some things. we started rolling things out year, 2010, and now what is in place now? what has changed now? >> the democrats call the consumers bill of rights, things to try to help people get better coverage through insurance and things like this. no out of pocket cost for preventative care to help you get treatment earlier. and that will save health care costs in the long run. having states the ability to review insurer's premium increases and make sure that those aren't justifiably high. and again the children with the pre-existing conditions being able to get insurance. the pre-existing insurance plans temporary people with existing conditions and so they
7:38 am
could get insurance and wouldn't other wise be able to get it. >> and as far as what is coming up in 2012, what should we look for. >> in 2012 is this controversial requirement that nobody likes, the white house doesn't like it and democrats and republicans don't like it a requirement called the 1099 which asks businesses to file a form with the irs for every $600 they spend. everyone wants to get rid of it and no one can figure out how. and that's a big point coming up in 2012. >> and the pharmaceutical manufacturer have to pay fees. >> that is something they agreed to in exchange for other parts of law to get it through. that was part of the neg occasion -- negotiation with the white house. >> and in 2013, what can we expect. >> between 2012 and 2013, a lot
7:39 am
of changes more to the medicare program but small things like demonstration programs, state grants for states to try new things, a few changes to the provider payments but nothing really big. from now until 2014 -- >> let's talk about it. what is happening in 2014. >> that is when the centerpiece of law takes place. you'll get the creation of the state base exchanges for people to buy insurance and that's when the medicaid rules will be greatly expanded and the requirement that most people get health insurance or pay a tax. >> that is what the main sticking point is. so these losses that we're seeing now and even the possibility of it going to supreme court, they are trying to do this in advance of that magic 2014 date. >> exactly. and we do expect to see this legal challenge get to the supreme court probably in 2012, possibly 2013 and that would happen before these big things take place. >> we are more armed with what we need to know as far as us going forward with this health
7:40 am
care bill. we appreciate it. emily edge ridge covers the health feed with cq roll call. thank you for being here. >> any time. >> for the very latest on health care reform go to and click on the health tab under the news tab. tony, over to you. coming up on 7:40 now, 39 degrees. odds are you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen between work and home. and all of that space time with a monitor could be hurting your eyes. fox medical team has tips on how to give your eyes a west. that's coming up at 8:00. and auditions start this weekend for the simon cowell new singing factor the x factor. and we talked about what he's expecting from the contestants during the 9:00 hour. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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7:43 am
the capitals have officially clinched a playoff spot. it is the fourth year in a row making the stanley cup playoffs, and it appears the caps may be peaking at right time. they've won 13 of the last 15 games and one point behind the
7:44 am
philadelphia flyers for first place overall. they have eight games left in the regular season. tony, you won't be with us tomorrow. what is the deal? [ laughter ] >> that seemed very natural. i'll be on the show. >> where are you going to be tomorrow. >> i'm going to be at mix 107.3. >> why are you not here with us? >> i'll still be on the air with you here doing weather and all of that kind of thing, but i'm going to be over with them. i'm they're guest all morning long. they've been having fun this week and i get to join carson in the morning tomorrow, jam diamond is off. we have a live studio audience and some games we're going to play, some crazy stuff. and so i'll be on the air here and we'll simulcast some of it. but starting tomorrow i'll be on the morning show. and i love -- whenever i get to do radio stuff, i love it. >> well we'll miss you and listening and you'll be here with us. >> are you doing idol chatter and playing jack all week?
7:45 am
>> no. we have a special guest coming in for idol chatter, someone near and dear to my own heart. a dj near and dear to my own heart. and it's not donnie simpson. >> someone else. >> just joking. >> and your family is watching? >> well the whole family watches. i said too much. >> i probably used all of my time. let me show you hd radar and shower activity moving through. gradually improving conditions today but we still have rain in store. and it's filling in out to the west, toward front royal, frederick, winchester is getting rain shower activity. and down to the south, down 95 toward fredericksberg and now pushing into southern maryland some rain as well. let's do future cast together and we have a couple of things to talk about. first things first, today's event could mix with a little snow. yes, a little snow off to the north and west before it all ends. future cast indicating that. and temperatures are now in the low to mid 30s off to the north
7:46 am
and west. so i'm not worried about any accumulations and there you are by later this afternoon. we'll see some sunshine. so that will be nice. so it will be cool with highs later today in the upper 40s. no problems tomorrow but look at what happens on saturday. we'll cloud up very quickly and this particular computer model and many of them are indicating that we could have a period of winter weather around here overnight saturday and into early sunday. temperatures should be at or maybe a few degrees below freezing. so things may be interesting around here. by sunday, maybe we can -- oh, the kids could do a little sledding down to the cherry blossoms on sunday. >> that is not funny, tucker. you're being a wise-ankle. >> and we have to watch saturday and sunday but temperatures well below normal for the next five days. >> all right. >> just the messenger. >> after that, almost april. >> it will get better. >> but it will be cool next week. in the 40s next week.
7:47 am
>> and after that -- >> it will be summer. and julie wright has the latest on traffic. >> since summer and tony is filling in for jack, i'm filling in in miami for whoever is missing in miami. >> i have to find somebody to fill in. >> you'll find a station, no matter what. on the roads, wet pavement this morning and bumper-to- bumper traffic. southbound along 270 out of rockville, here is the live shot leaving shady grove toward the split. all of the lanes here are open. so no accidents to report, just volume delays. outer loop still tied up from 95 to georgia. 29 slowing from white oak to four corners. northbound 210 north of farmington, authorities on the scene of that crash. outer loop toward eisenhower and virginia, still heavy, slow and steady. 95 slowing from potomac mills across the occuquan. beltway on 395 to king street and the pentagon to the 14th street bridge, traveling kenilworth, stalled car at bening has cleared. doesn't look bad south of 50 toward the d.c. line. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
7:48 am
time traffic. well our facebook fan of the day is ray javier. today is his 40th birthday. happy birthday to you. ray is celebrating on saturday by running the national marathon. it is his 5th one. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under the very in shape ray. >> i love what he's done with his picture too. he's in color and everybody else is in black and white. that's cool. >> nice shot, ray. it is called the greatest show on earth. >> the ringling brothers circus is back at theverrize on sent -- verizon center. good morning, holly. >> reporter: hello from the top of the verizon center. the circus is in town. it is the 140th edition of ringling brothers and barnum
7:49 am
and bailey. they are calling it barnum 200 and it promises to be more fun than ever. the supersized spectacular preview coming up next. stay with us. hey, wait, i thought you were supposed to catch me.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
i love it when they are here. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will be in town today for a stay that will last through much of april. >> holly is live where they are starting barnum 200. >> reporter: i feel like i fit in the circus and i figured out why. i might be related to p.t. barnum because i was reading up about fun facts. he excelled at embellishment and his goal was to generate interest, excitement and curiosity. what i do every day. well they are doing all of that and more when it comes to the
7:53 am
140th edition of this circus. and why it is so spectacular is because of the people in it like andre mcclain, america's favorite cowboy. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: it's good to see you again. >> there's no need to be curious. you can see it right here at the greatest show on earth. >> reporter: so this isn't your first rodeo or your first circus. and what makes this one spectacular. >> it is barnum 200. it's the biggest bonus. it's a little bit of old-school and new-school and we made it a great show. >> reporter: and when i was reading about it there were like 140 performers from six continents. >> that's right. we have a lady that hangs 35 feet in the hair by only her hair. and we have a man lifting 1200 pounds over his head. we have a guy that walks on glass and fire. it's unbelievable this year. >> reporter: and we have diablo. >> yes. >> and what have you been up
7:54 am
to? >> i am the host that starts one hour before show time and the audience can come on down and try on costumes and be part of the show. it's one big party, starting with the preshow and on into the show where your ring masters and i have two llamas, two ponies, to dogs and two goat and a watt usey. and i don't mean the dance. >> reporter: i was expecting to you break out. i see you've been busy with the bee dazzle gun -- bed azle gun. i have to pull out my belt buckle to hang with you. and you have an interesting story. because you rode your horse to high school, right? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and your dad started a rodeo and you did the whole rodeo thing. and then you went to the circus and that's how it all started? >> that's how it startedch i wept from the greatest show on dirt to the greatest show on
7:55 am
earth. >> reporter: what is the difference between the rodeo and the circus? >> look at me. >> reporter: the bling. there you go. i think we can move on. so can you and diablo do anything for me here? >> let's see. let's see if we can get him to lay down and go to bed. >> reporter: he's like you want me to lay down and go to bed. you just got me out of bed to come out here and be on tv. when you work with all of the different kind of animals that you work with how do they all peacefully coexist. >> it's like people. we all learn to get along and become one big happy family. and here we've all learned to become one big happy family, the humans and the animals. >> reporter: do you like about the circus, you get to engage with the audience. >> we make dreams come true for children of all ages, from the age of 2 to the age of 92. and that's what we do. saving the day from the everyday. >> reporter: and you can get a
7:56 am
little horse nooky? you can show us that? only on fox 5 do we see horse nooky live. is our website. look at that. we have a link to ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus. ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, you are missing out if you don't come out to barnum 200. and there is a lot of opportunity to see the show because it is starting here at the verizon center but it will be in our area through april 24th. if you can't catch it here it's in baltimore at the first mariner arena and then at the pate reot center in fairfax. and don't forget to come down to the preshow, all-access, where you can hang out with the blinged-one. >> you don't want to miss it. it's the one and only, greatest show on earth. >> reporter: he worked on that and -- i had to let him do it.
7:57 am
>> couldn't they find anybody without personality. >> reporter: they're real duds here at the circus. >> thank you holly. 7:56 right now. hollywood mourning the loss of a legend. this morning we are remembering elizabeth taylor. part of her lasting legacy will be her work for aids activism. we'll look at her impact here in the district coming -- coming up at 8:00. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a violent start to the day in prince george's county. three people shot at two nearby locations and now police are trying to determine if they are connected. then it's atory that has the nation talking. the one and only person inside the air traffic control tower at reagan national airport asleep on the job. two pilots forced to land their planes full of passengers without tower clearance. we'll take a closer look at the danger. and computer users beware, staring at the screen for more than two hours a day could be hazardous to your health. we'll have the details from the fox medical team ahead here at
8:01 am
8:00. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm allison seymour. steve is off today. up first, some incredible video to show you. this is coming out of fort worth, texas. there is another look at this image. you are looking at a tanker truck that ran off the road this morning and now the cab of the 18-wheeler is dangling over the side of a bridge. rescue crews used a ladder truck and harness to pull the driver out. he is not in the cab. but his condition is not known. >> thankfully he's not in there. but just incredible video. where i would imagine their weather is better down there than ours is today. >> can't be worse than this morning. fog and mist and cool temperatures for this time of year and more rain in the forecast for the morning hours. but in the afternoon we'll return to sunshine. there is your hd radar and a live look. and we've been watching the rain showers to the south and now south and east city, pushing east at 95 into southern maryland.
8:02 am
so la plata, st. mary's city, down toward leonardtown, a few more showers in the forecast. and now north and west another good band of showers have developed toward front royal and winchester and that will move through loudoun county, montgomery county on the way to the district in the next hour or so. so bottom line, morning rain, cold temperatures too. let's check out the temperatures. in the 30s outside of the beltway. here in the city now we're 40 degrees. humidity is 100%. that's the fog and mist out there. and to make matters even chillier, winds out of the north and east at 10 miles per hour. so that will lock in the cold today. we're not going to get a chance to warm up even with a little afternoon sunshine. highs only in the upper 40s so bring along a jacket. 50 in fredericksberg. 46 in winchester. i wish i could see the weekend forecast gets better, but it gets interesting. i'll have details on that in a few minutes. >> i love how you describe that. >> at least your honest. thank you, tucker. let's check in with julie wright to look at the traffic this morning. good morning, julie. >> hey, sarah.
8:03 am
good morning to you all. a busy ride around town. wet pavement this morning and slow traffic. the trip across key bridge, not bad. leaving 66 and 29 toward the right turn on to m. street through georgetown, no problems to report here. canal road traffic running smoothly, meaning no incidents from the chain bridge toward the exits there at the key bridge. outer loop of the beltway still below speed. springfield toward van dorn. 210 north of farmington, accident still on the scene. 95 slow toward georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well our top story this morning, a scare at reagan national airport. transportation secretary ray la hood has ordered two air traffic controllers be on duty there at reagan after a dangerous incident tuesday night. officials say two airlines with more than 100 passengers on
8:04 am
board landed out tower clearance because the lone controller was asleep. the problem was an faa supervisor on duty alone in the tower again asleep. the planes were able to help with controllers at a regional air traffic control facility. joining us with more on this is retired airline pilot mark weis. thank you for being with us and good to see you. >> thank you. >> i would say yours is a long and distinguished career as a pilot. could you tell us the highlights, not your whole resume, but the highlights. >> yes. over 30 years with the airline flighting domestically and internationally. >> and when you hear a story like this, i set that up to get your first reaction and opinion when you heard this story come out of reagan national? >> in the years that i flew, it's never happened to me. and it's such a rare occurrence. obviously it happens and people are human and errors do occur.
8:05 am
but i think what everybody needs to understand is that that was a level of protection that broke down. but there are many levels of protection. obviously the pilots did what they were trained to do. and they did the -- the air traffic controllers at the controlling facility did what they needed to do to prevent a tragedy from happening. >> and i wanted to ask you, just how dangerous is this situation? how dangerous could this have been? >> the real danger becomes the fact that you don't know what -- if the runway that you're landing on is clear of obstacles. probably still in a lot of people's minds, we had a airplane land on top of a commuter aircraft with a lot of casualties. and you don't know if there is trucks or people on the runway particularly late at time. certainly at reagan airport
8:06 am
where there are occur fees and noise restrictions, there is less traffic than you would, say, at a kennedy airport or miami. so the air traffic control tower is -- has fewer people in it at that time. >> we have all heard how stressful this job is and the training that goes into this job. i want to ask you as a pilot, how much do you really rely on hearing that voice guiding you in? >> in the years that i flew, i only have the highest level of respect for the people who work in the air traffic control system. and it's a shared responsibility. we rely on each other to make the system operate properly. as pilots, we're trained for contingencies. you can't train for everything but you are trained how to think and how to react. i think it's important for people to understand that you're sitting in the back of an airline, ready to land and you're expecting to land the aircraft, but the reality is
8:07 am
every landing on a commercial airline is predicated on the fact that you are not going to land, that there is going to be a situation that you will have to react to. so while it may be somewhat discomforting for the people sitting in the back of the aircraft, the pilots are trained for events like this. the same thing, by the way, is true for takeoff. every takeoff is predicated on an event happening. so people are trained to deal with this. so while it's uncomfortable and you start to question why this happened, this is something that over the years that's ingrained in you and in how to react to this in an appropriate and safe manner. >> well we're happy we're not reporting on a different story today. captain mark weis retired with the airlines. thank you very much. >> thank you. let's take a look at today's other top stories. there has been deadly violence this morning in prince george's county. two men were shot on victory lane in suitland around 4:20 this morning. one of the men dies and don't
8:08 am
know the condition of the other. and around the same time a woman was shot at pennsylvania and southern avenue. her condition is also unknown. investigators are looking to see whether the shootings are related. montgomery county police have arrested rohan goodlett for the murders of two men in olney. he lived next door to one of the victims. police say they found ammunition in his home linking him to both murders. investigators say goodlett has a criminal past and a history of mental illness. now a gruesome discovery in prince william county. firefighters found a badly burned body inside of a dumpster on bayside avenue in woodbridge yesterday. police are trying to identify the remains right now but it is not clear how the person died or how that fire started. now to the disaster in japan. warnings over higher radiation in tap water sent a lot of people running for bottled water. officials in tokyo now say the water is safe but that's not
8:09 am
stopping people from hoarding water. shoppers cleared out store shelves. and in the meantime at the damaged nuclear plant workers were exposed to radiation. two of them in radio active water while laying cables. death toll continues to rise from the quake and tsunami. so far 9400 bodies have been counted. a special relief effort to help the people of japan also takes place in our area tonight. >> you are invited to stand with japan. it is an event sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival. people will gather at 6:30 this evening at the sylvan theater near the washington monument and then take part in a walk around the tideal basin. all donations given tonight will go to the red cross japan fund. and you won't have as much time to enjoy the cherry blossoms this year. the national park service is scaling back predictions on peak bloom times. it's now between march 29th and april 1st. that's next tuesday to friday.
8:10 am
it's two days fewer than previously predicted. it is now 8:09 on this thursday morning. up next, we are live at the elizabeth taylor medical center at the whitman walker clinic with more on the legacy she left behind. then it's the water cooler topic of the day. of course we are talking about american idol and today we have a special idol chatter panel. we'll talk to them in just about 10 minutes. stay with us.
8:11 am
8:12 am
lou n wa
8:13 am
elizabeth taylor's star on the hollywood walk of fame is covered with flower this is morning. she died yesterday at the age of 79. and she is not only being remembered for her acting skills, her beauty and many marriages, but elizabeth taylor's lasting legacy may well be her work to put hiv and aids front and center in the news at a time when hollywood celebrities didn't attach their names to such causes. and joining us now from the
8:14 am
whitman walker clinic is tip lewis, the deputy director of the clinic. tip, thank you for talking with us this morning. tell me, what was it like for a lot of people maybe that don't remember back in the 80s and 90s, what it was like to have someone with such a star power such as elizabeth taylor lend her name to the hiv and aids awareness cause? >> well absolutely. what liz death taylor did in the mid-80s was nothing short of revolutionary. she took up the fight against hiv and aids at a time when it was considered to be a fringe issue, those on the fringes of society. and it was a time when nobody else was willing to talk about it and phone else in hollywood wanted to take it up. the government and the president at the time we're not talking about hiv and aids. what she did was revolutionary. she took this issue and brought it into the mainstream of american society and people who might not have heard or listened to the message, she made them listen to the message and hear it. >> and besides lending her
8:15 am
name, behind the scenes, what was it like and what were some of the things she did that many people may not realize? >> one of the things she did is she was always willing to lend her name to this cause. in fact, this building behind me, the elizabeth taylor medical center here at whitman walker is the only hiv-aids facility that bears her name in the country. she was always willing and eager to lend her name to open doors, to help raise money, whatever she could do to fight hiv and aids. people know that she founded the american foundation for aids research and did a lot of speaking engagements, did a lot of fundraising for hiv and aids. but she was always ready, willing and able to use her star power to help this cause. when we asked her to lend her name to the facility 17 years ago, it was a 30 second decision for her. she did it in no time. she said whatever i can do to help, i will do. and on the day she came here to help dedicate the facility, she surprised us with a personal
8:16 am
check for $50,000 for the facility. we had no idea she was going to do that. while she was speaking she pulled it out of her pocket and handed it to our directors at the time. she was nothing short of astounding in the dedication to his cause. >> her generosity is just amazing. and real quickly too because we're running out of time, what were maybe you think some of the biggest advances in the hiv and aid -- aids awareness issue that were a result of her? what is the biggest advances that come to mind? >> the fact that she was advocating people to use condoms, protect themselves and that was a message that needed to be heard and people were reluctant to talk about publicly at the time. she really made -- she, through that effort, helped save lives. her founds of amcar have led to medication that's help people live longer lives. it's personally impossible to see the impact she had on this
8:17 am
cause and fight. >> and the whitman walker clinic, thank you for talking with us and liz -- liz taylor will be missed. and we want to say good morning once again to tucker barnes. he has a dreadful forecast, but a little sunshine for us. >> you got it. we need the cuteness factor of the day. time for the my first 5 photo of the day. this is 4-year-old devontae. and he loves to play the drums. the man loves to play the drums. and it looks like that's a headset he has on there. >> it looks like it. he has to hear himself. >> he's getting down to business. and if this is some of his work, he's going to be a big star. >> it could be. >> and that's a cool picture. this might be his first recording we're listening to. >> he's starting at age 4. he's
8:18 am
going to be a big star. that's great. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. and we'll be happy to feature your child right here. let's do hd radar and look at the shower activity which continues. sorry about that. we had a good band there now pushing into southern maryland and just in the last hour or so, another batch developing north and west of the city but it's quickly tracking to the south and to the east and is now moving right inside the beltway. so expect some rain area wide here if you haven't gotten any during the next hour or two. even some embedded yellows there. so some of the rain will be steady. once this is out of here, we'll look at clouds later in morning and a gradual improvement. let's push on to satellite radar and i want to show you out to the west here, into kentucky, starting to see breaks in the clouds. so maybe some mid to late afternoon sunshine. and cool. our winds out of the north later today and with high temperatures only in the upper 40s, it's not going to feel terribly warm out there. so bring along a jacket in
8:19 am
addition to an umbrella here. cool right now at 40 degrees at reagan national. 30s off no the north and -- off to the north and west. 37 in frederick. 35 in hagerstown. here is your forecast for the remainder of the day. earlier showers and gradual clearing, 48 the daytime high. so once again temperatures about 10 degrees below normal. more details in the forecast and the weekend. we could see wintry weather around here and i'll have that coming up. and let's do some on-time traffic. julie wright has your latest. talking about the 14th street bridge, traveling northbound, working across the potomac you'll find lanes are open. no incidents to report as you work over to the southeast- southwest freeway. 295 traffic slowing at suitland parkway to the 11th street bridge. outer loop is below speed, 95 to georgia and 95 and 295 struggling to get in on time. 29 still stacking up stewart lane to four corners. inbound new york avenue slow going leaving northeast to northwest. that's a check of your fox 5 on-
8:20 am
time traffic. it is time for american idol chatter. and last night was motown night on the big show. and i first want to introduce our panel because we have a guest in the house today. this is jenny chase, our new friend. she is with wmzq 98.7. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you for having me. >> and the regular, the old pro, kitty of the city, jeanne jones wkys fm. and the host on whur, mark clark with the hang sweet. and the father of my three children. any way, nice to see you. >> the news is out. >> and this is how we do it. you watch the show and we're going to talk about the people who stood out last night and we'll do a little chatter. first up last night, now this is a young man who i think has been trying to find his way. this is jacob last night.
8:21 am
he found it. here he is, doing "you're all i need to get by." [ singing ] >> now i was afraid because nobody can do a song like marvin gay did a song. >> baby luther. >> he did it. >> he nailed it. >> absolutely nailed it. gave me goosebumps. he was fantastic. >> look at him. go ahead. >> one of the most memmorrable performances. >> three words, allison. you better work. he nailed it. >> i thought he looked good too. >> randy said what is wrong with that performance? absolutely nothing. >> mark, clark, what did you think? >> every week i find myself watching the tape and he touches me. and allison said it best. >> he did tone it down.
8:22 am
>> very restrained. >> the facial expressions were confusing but it was okay. >> what was he doing? >> a couple of the facial expressions, but that's him, his emotion. >> i loved every minute of it. and jenny, we are so happy you are here because we all love little scotty. i love the way he stands. give me a single shot so i can show you the way that he stands. he's like this. [ laughter ] >> he's 16 years old. >> the swagger. >> for once in my life, scotty doing motown. >> he was so scared of it too. he did so well. >> we said time and time again, and excuse me panel, i have to start with you on this one, we said time and time again in my house that he could be on the radio right now. >> absolutely. he'll have a hit record, if not several of them, regardless of whether he wins. >> he could just stop right now. >> absolutely. he has charisma and stage presence and when he hits that low note -- i can't do it.
8:23 am
>> the swagger. he has swagger. where did he get that swagger from. >> he has a rack of girlfriends and hit records. go scotty. >> mark, what did you think? >> i think scotty will be the biggest country star they've ever had. >> wow. >> hey, now. all of the karaoke fans right now are like wait a minute. >> and i think he was -- -- >> bigger than carrie underwood. >> that's what i think. >> impressive. all right. mark it down. >> and mark is from -- he's on urban format but from the midwest. so you know country music. wait a minute, this is niema. dancing in the streets. >> i loved. >> i liked her performance last night. she's been criticized for trying to do too much. and this is her singing.
8:24 am
wait a minute. let's not judge until we see tape number two. in the meantime, when we switch, jeanne, what did you think overall last night? >> this is my girl. she's a performer, bottom line. does she need to be streamlined just a little? yes. but memorable last night. >> that's the word. >> allison, you know this is what you want to do after breakfast with the family. >> mark when this happened last night in our house, we were like, what? what do you think about this? >> i think the wristbands, drums, the dress, drums, guitars, elephants -- oh, my. and the performance was actually mediocre. the vocal was -- she did nothing amazing, nothing you couldn't hear. >> jenny what, did you think? >> i thought she was wonderful. i thought she was memorable. i thought she was on pitch and
8:25 am
made the song her own. i thought she was great. >> well she did make the song her own. >> come on now. >> well there is a thing called dial idol and it is a predictor and they say they've been right all of this times and they tracked the number of busy tones and they know who might be in jeopardy of going home. yes, this week it's casey abrams and this is why. what are you doing, casey? [ singing ] >> i thought he looked like the wild man of rasputen of 2011. >> the mouse in the hair didn't help. >> jeanne, let's start with you. he did it with heard you through the grapevine and i thought he would nail it. >> i expected him to do better. casey is an amazing talent, no doubt about that. but it's just not working. so he's going to be around but i don't know how much longer.
8:26 am
i really don't. >> mark, what did you think? >> i think like you said, he's an amazing talent who is destined to be a great producer and studio person. i like him a lot. >> hey now. >> i'm sorry. >> jenny, what did you think about casey? >> i don't think he found his niche yet. i don't know what he believes in, what kind of music he wants to make. it's not gelling for me yet. >> did you say gel? it's the hair. >> it's not mouse, it's gel. >> and with that, who do you think will go home? we can't talked about a lot of people. i think haley is on the double. i think sya mcgee is on the double. mark, who is on the bubble
8:27 am
tonight? >> see-ya mcgee is out. and also haley. >> guess who will be back? >> tia will be back. and you'll be back next week. and you come back and see us. >> i will. >> thanks everybody. mark, jeanne and jenny. thank you very much. over to you sarah. >> allison, your husband is on fire today. >> today? >> we'll see you in a bit. well computer users beware. staring at the screen for more than two hours a day could be hazardous to your health. we'll have detail from the fox medical team when we come back. and then later on we'll check back in with holly who is under the big top at the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. we'll be right back.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
taking a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning, more ache strikes pounded libya overnight and the pentagon said moammar gaddafi's air force has been totally destroyed. the coalition allies control the skies over libya now. and at the white house president barack obama is meeting with his security team later today to discuss the next phase. the arlington county fire
8:31 am
department is being recognized for its response to the 9/11 attack on the pentagon. military officials will present the fire department with a special piece of stone from the damaged pentagon at a ceremony today. arlington firefighters were among the first to provide support at the pentagon on that terrible day. and a milestone, there are now more than 50 million hispanics in america. in a surprising display of growth, the latest census numbers indicate one in six americans are hispanic. new data released today show hispanics account for half of the population increase over the last decade. virginia is honoring a civil rights matriarch. governor bob mcdonnell has designated today in recognition of dorothy height's birthday. she fight tirelessly to desegregate armed forces and end lynching. dr. height died last april. 8:31 on this thursday.
8:32 am
let's say hello again to tucker barnes. >> still have some rain falling across the area and moderate in spots. it's cool so later today our temperatures won't get a chance to warm up and we were looking at the weekend. >> i was hoping that would change, since the last six minutes we saw you. >> as of ten minutes ago, we're still looking at potential winter weather for this weekend. and there is the rain moving through, and we have a good batch off to the west and moving right through the city. notice the yellows indicating some embedded rain showers that are more moderate at times. so it looks like we'll be in for a wet couple of hours here before we can quiet things down. let's do temperatures. it's cool, cold in spots. 40 at reagan national. 39 in baltimore. a lot of 30s off to the north and west. winchester is 38 degrees. hagerstown is 35. patuxent naval air station is getting rain and 42 right now. later today, high temperatures will top out in the upper 40s. that's not where we want to be or where we should be this time of year. but with little sunshine, i think it will feel better.
8:33 am
early showers, gradual clearing and cool, 48 the daytime high with winds out of the north at about 10-15 miles per hour. later tonight, we're going to be down right cold, a few clouds and cold overnight. 30 degrees the overnight low. there are your winds out of the north at 5-10 miles per hour. let's talk about the weekend forecast because it gets interesting. that's the word we'll use. tomorrow no problems, 47 the daytime high. we cloud up on saturday and saturday night into sunday we could have a period of wintry weather around here. overnight temperatures near sunday morning will be close to freezing so could be wintry weather into the first part of sunday before it transitions over to rain on sunday afternoon. but look at how cold and cloudy this weekend. not great cherry blossom weather. that's the best i can do. sorry about that. now over to you sarah. more and more americans find themselves in front of a computer 8-10 hours a day and doctors say spending more than two hours a day in front of a
8:34 am
computer could cause something called computer vision syndrome. and fox medical teams dr. parich joins us with more on the issue. and a lot of this has to do, i understand, just with the monitor and the way it each -- even be positioned. >> a lot has to do with that and people are surprised this exists and you see dry eyes, blurry vision. it's a sensitivity to light. it's an eye strain. and the monitor can make a big difference. first of all, position, you want it to be 20-inches away. most people have it closer. can adjust the brightness to be less, the contrast to be more. you also want the sensor -- the center of your monitor to be 15 degrees below your line of sight so you are looking down and you don't want a glare on your screen, so eliminate glare from overheadlights and even if
8:35 am
it means shifting your screen or other things to be more comfortable. >> and i understand you have a 20-20-20 rule. what does that mean? >> i like this one. so every 20 minutes, while you are staring at your computer, every 20 minutes look up at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. and blink. so the idea is to give your eyes a break and changing the depth of focus. and we forget to blink. they've looked at this and they say people blink four and a half times less frequently and which is huge because every time you flush your eyes and are hydrating and that's the 20- 20 rule. >> and is there any way after your eye sight has deteriorated because of this, is there any way to improve it? can doctors do anything or do you have to work with what you have from there? >> in most cases it's sort of a temporary concept. so when you take -- when you
8:36 am
rest your eyes, most of those symptoms goes away. it gets worse where it compounds on itself. if the symptoms proceed over time for the dry eyes there are things to do, drops to use, your doctor can block where your tears drain to prevent them from draining but prevention is the key. there is a long-term complications over time with dry eyes and you can have inflammation of the cornea and so on. but for the most part, if you prevent it, do some of the tips. it won't be a long-term problem. >> doctor paffich with the fox medical team, thank you for talking with us. we appreciate it. it's 8:36 right now and 39 degrees on a terse morning. and weekly jobless claims are coming into the news room. we'll have those for you when we come back. plus the man credited with improving a local university's reputation in enrollment is retiring. up next we'll tell you who that is. stay tuned.
8:37 am
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just in, good news about the economy. fewer people applied for unemployment last week and employers are stepping up hiring. the labor department said the number of people seeking benefits dropped 5,000 to an adjusted 382,000 people. the forth drop in the past five weeks. and if you are looking for work, check out our job shop. the job of the day is at the fairfax county government looking for an automotive body repairer. pay is between 36000 and $49000 a year. applications are due by tomorrow. for more on this job and many others go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. soon a change in leadership at george mason university. presidentialen murton is retiring after a 15 year run. school's enrollment increased
8:41 am
from $24,000 in 1996 to 33,000 today. and the reputation improved under his watch too. u.s. news and world report named this the top up and coming university in 2008. martin will step down on june 30th. the principal of a d.c. high school is on administrative leave this morning. david pinder has been placed on leave from mckinley tech high school while officials investigate allegations of grade-fixing. and a fox 5 report on the improper handling of federal grant money. we have left voice mail messages for mr. pinder but calls have not been returned so far. it is now 8:41 on this thursday morning and local students get the surprise of a lifetime. >> and their parents are probably just as excited as the kids about this one. that story is coming up next. bring them to the circus. >> reporter: which it just happens to be in town. it is ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus where this time you will see things like
8:42 am
the body benders, contortionists who get inside this box. now let me tell you, it's a tight feel. and i'm one person, they are three. three people. who is going to get in here and come out. we'll show it to you live and see why you want to come see the whole, all of it, live next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the biggest birthday bash in circus history and it kicks off at the verizon center today. >> holly is there to look at the greatest show on earth. holly, good morning. are you out of the box? good. >> reporter: good morning. i came out of the box. i was feeling kloster phobic. did i tell you there would be three ladies in there. there are three different colors of outfits. you can see two three. and they are the body benders and one of the amazing acts that are part of this year's circus and leading it all is jonathan lee iverson. >> thank you very much. i'm a ring master. we have to make that distinction here, because ringleader goes to jail. >> reporter: we don't want you to go behind bars.
8:46 am
so no this is indeed the ring master. >> here in washington, d.c., i am a ring master of the greatest show on earth, barnum 200, the greatest party in the land. come on out d.c., come on out baltimore, come on out virginia. we're going to be here for five week. five whole weeks. >> reporter: jonathan i'm a part of this too. >> oh, yes, i'm sorry, carlin. >> reporter: so we want to watch these ladies exit from this box as wellch and as we do this, you've been a part of the circus before and come back for this particular edition. >> come back, yes. >> reporter: and what drew you back? >> well it's barnum's birthday party. this is the biggest bash in the land. we are celebrating the greatest in showbiz and how could i not resist to return. and of course the check is so nice. >> reporter: i see the check you've been using on your duds there. >> thank you, very much. >> reporter: and this is just one, a small little bit.
8:47 am
>> and this is just a smidgeon. and these girls are from mongolia. we have people from six different continents, we are a big, major empire. this show is incredible and we are having fun. >> reporter: you are big. i need -- you are a tall drink of water. >> i'm a lot to take in. >> reporter: in 1999 when barbara walters named you one of the most fascinating people. >> and monica lewin ski too. >> reporter: maybe we should move on. and what have you been doing to be more fascinating? >> i'm here with the greatest show on earth. it doesn't get any more fascinating than that. i'm not going to go out and be a movie star as of yet. >> reporter: but there is time. you are young. and the ring master, that is a big job a lot of responsibility and pressure, how do you gear up for the show. >> reporter: you're very animated. most reporters can't take all of this in.
8:48 am
but you are with us. >> reporter: i'm not just any reporter. they told me i had to bring it if i was talking to you. >> and you do bring it. >> reporter: very loudly in your ear. but when you are -- how do you sumon your energy to gear up for the show? >> it's not very hard. you can see with lovely ladies like these and the great artists around. i'm just a big mouth, a glorified fan that gets to paid up to talk nicely and i'm the only straight man next to prince that gets to look good. this is easy money for me. i get to present gods and wonder woman and superman every night. and so i feel like a big kid -- an overgrown kid who gets a paycheck to tell everybody, we're having a big barnum party. >> reporter: and you don't warm up like that and do stretches like that? >> i did earlier but you all didn't get here on time. >> reporter: very good. got it. i don't think they have bones? >> no. these girls just work very hard. >> and that is the thing.
8:49 am
all of the circus performers work hard and continually work at it to make it be great every night. >> it's the science of miracles. >> reporter: the -- like that. the science of miracles. and it will be fun-believable. i like that. you can take it and make it your own. and if your family comes out it's going to be in town. you heard our ring master say, we're starting here at the verizon center. i say we. we feel like i'm part of the circus. and then in baltimore and then in fairfax. is our website. we have a link to theirs if you want to pick out the perfect show just for you. >> i love it. you need to go on the road with me. >> reporter: maybe we can negotiate. >> don't leave us, holly. well 9 d.c. high school students got some incredible news. he's trying to take her. >> he can't have her. >> each offers a four-year full
8:50 am
scholarship at georgetown university worth about $220,000 apiece. the tractenberg scholarships are limited to d.c. students, public or private school. grade points and test scores and outside activities went into the selection of the very special winners. >> i had no clue i would get this. my heart is still racing. >> it's a testament to all of the hard work. and the work i've put into me and my work and just the last four years as well as the last 13 years that i've been in school. >> mom looks so proud. in recent years about 90% of the local high school seniors who were awarded the full scholarships at g.w. have in fact attended the university. >> wow, all right. congratulations. and we want to say congratulations to the facebook fan of the day. ray javier. and today he is the big 4-0.
8:51 am
congratulations. >> quite a milestone. >> and he's celebrating op saturday by running the national marathon. that's how you celebrated your 40th, isn't it, allison? >> absolutely not. >> this is his fifth one. and if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under ray's photo. well if you are feeling lucky, you might want to go out and buy a couple of lottery tickets. there are some big jackpots up for grabs right now and we'll have details on that when we return. >> and then do you think you have what it takes to win a $5 million recording contract? well auditions for the highly anticipated singing competition called the x factor began this weekend and we'll talk with simon cowell after 9:00. stay with us. 9 minutes before 9:00 now. @@@p÷
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
maryland lawmakers facing a $1.6 billion budget gap are proposing hefty fees in a
8:55 am
proposal. the house delegates are debating the fees. if passed people in maryland will pay for more buying cars and personalized license plates. and state workers would have to contribute more to their retirement plan. well this weekend maybe be a good time to play the lottery. the megamillions prize is now at $304 million for the friday night drawing. the top powerball prize is $125 million. and that drawing happens on saturday night. neither game has seen a jackpot winner since last month. so it is long overdue. >> yes. that's all for me today. tony joins allison in the next hour. >> have a good day sarah. >> thank you. and we're talking immigration. a huge crackdown by customs officials and you may be surprised who they rounded up. we'll be right back.
8:56 am
8:57 am
this is a strawberry pop-tart. and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel.
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see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪
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welcome back. here is a look at stories we're following for the 9:00 hour. missing since late january, a 21-year-old pregnant woman from loudoun county still has not been seen. a few new details have fur -- surfaced. the loudoun county sheriff will join us with more. and the cherry blossom festival is about to begin and this year they are focusing on the earthquake victims in japan. and we'll talk with the president of the festival to get more on how you can enjoy the cherry trees and help at the same time. and you may miss them on american idol this season, i do. but simon cowell is coming back to tv this fall. i caught up with simon to talk about his new show the x factor and he shares about what we can expect from the talent show and we'll pass along audition information as well. including some little tips from him. >> that will be helpful. >> and i'll admit it now, i couldn't help it, i did a

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